Black Friday 2016: will it be Kilimall or Jumia?

Jumia Black Friday is one of the most awaited days in Kenya; the only question that lingers in our minds is whether we are going to be shopping from Kilimall or Jumia. Both happen to be the e-commerce giants in Kenya. The competition between Kilimall and Jumia is so intense that it is felt across social media platforms. Anyway, this is what is expected when two parties are trying to get and retain the first position in the market.  I have to agree that both Jumia and Kilimall are the best e-commerce sites in Kenya and they have been doing a good job in the past few years.

blackfridaytarget blackfriday-8_2408352k-large_transqvzuuqpflyliwib6ntmjwfsvwez_ven7c6bhu2jjnt8

These two companies have revolutionized how shopping is done in the country. Online shopping was nonexistent five years ago, flash forward to the current date, and it is now the in thing at the moment. Almost half of the young population has interacted with online platforms while purchasing items. There is no need of going to a physical store to get a phone whereas you can get the same phone delivered right at your doors step. The deals on online stores are by far much better than anything that you can get with physical stores. This is why Jumia and Kilimall have been on each other for the last two years as the two want to control a large share of the market. Let us shift our focus to black Friday which is probably going to be on one of the biggest battles that Jumia and Kilimall will have to engage in. The good thing is that the customer is going to be the main beneficiary of the products that are going to be on offer. There are a few things that you ought to know even before we get to the much anticipated 2016 black Friday.

What you need to know about Black Friday


  1.    Both Jumia and Kilimall want to have the best deals on that day. Black Friday is focused on giving the customer the best but is not much focused on making revenue for the company. This is a day that customers anticipate for the best deals and special offers on items that are expensive on a normal day. This tells you that Black Friday will not benefit either Jumia or Kilimall but the customer is the one that is going to have the winning end on this one.
  2.    Jumia wants to make as many orders as possible on that day while Kilimall also intends to make as many orders on the given day. The promotions that you will be getting on that day will be crazy since both online stores are trying to outdo each other. This is where you do your calculations the best way possible so as to benefit from what Jumia and Kilimall will be offering.
  3.    Sooner or later, both Jumia and Kilimall will fill all the social media sites in Kenya with ads concerning Black Friday, most probably they will have indicated the percentage discounts that they will be giving out on different items such as electronics. You should be smart enough to follow these adverts to know what you may need to have on that day and to have enough money to get it. The ads are just a way of keeping customers glued to either companies and to prompt them to made orders.
  4.    Finally, Kilimall thinks that it will out do Jumia and Jumia also thinks that it will out do Kilimall. Funny, isn’t it? I think it’s the customers who will determine the online company that takes the price home.

The above is an indication that it is not only the clients who are anticipating for Black Friday in 2016 but also the e-commerce sites involved. Just like gambling, only the smart ones takes the price home. The case is not going to be different on Black Friday; it is only the smart customer that will benefit more from this day. This is because everyone is faced with two major decisions that they have to make, where to shop on Black Friday, whether it is Kilimall or Jumia. This might sound crazy, but I think it is possible for someone to benefit from what these two companies have to offer.

Deals to look out for on Black Friday in both Jumia and Kilimall


Electronics – call me crazy, but I know this is one of the offers that almost every Kenyan will be looking out for. You see, electronics cut across the board, everyone needs an electronic gadget that makes life simpler and better for them. This is probably the reason as to why both Jumia and Kilimall get a lot of revenue from this category. If there is a particular thing that you have been eyeing, then don’t worry, you can wait for the few days remaining to Black Friday and make your order.

Fashion – I know every woman that has ever shopped online is waiting for Black Friday like nobody’s business. If you would like to have something trendy at crazy prices, hold your horses, Black Friday 2016 is almost here with us and Jumia and Kilimall will be having crazy discounts that you cannot afford to miss. It is thus important to be on the watch out to see what you like and what you may want to have in your closet before the year comes to an end. Most smart women capitalize on this day to make sure that they don’t miss out on anything.

Home and living – this category mainly deals with kitchen items and anything else that you may want in your home. People who love decors in their homes can also be on the lookout on some of the deals that will be going down on Black Friday. On this day, you can shop for things that will give your home an extreme makeover that will make everyone fall in love with what you have. You better start preparing a list of what you don’t have so that it will be much easier shopping for the specific products that you need on that day.



If you have not yet realized how big Black Friday is, let me break it down to you. One of the mot anticipated days in Kenya is Christmas, on this day everyone is merry, and life is just good. The day happens to be a break for everyone that has been working for the whole year, and it is the best time to relax your mind. Black Friday is like a holiday to shoppers. We know very well that there are people who are shopping freaks and they will spend so much money on different items that they would want to have. On Black Friday, the price of most items is significantly reduced in a way such that the offers that are there are just crazy. The best part is that electronic deals will simply blow your mind off. There are numerous coupons giveaways that customers can redeem to get products of their choice. People literary trample on each other in other countries trying to get into the stores that have the special offers. That is how big Black Friday is.





Latest Smart Phone Reviews

At the start of 2011 Samsung unveiled the latest in a long line of affordable smartphones called the Galaxy Ace. Now a year later the Galaxy Ace Plus has arrived, improving a few features and refreshing the software to make an impact in 2012.

smart phones
The Galaxy Ace Plus is still very much targeted towards the more affordable end of the market, but a year is a long time in the fast paced mobile industry, so you get quite a lot for your money with this model. It features a 3.65 inch touch screen display with a resolution of 320×480 and a 1GHz processor, both of which are better than the equivalents you would find on the original Galaxy Ace.

On the rear of the Galaxy Ace Plus you will find a five megapixel camera and flash while storing all of your photos, videos and apps will be possible thanks to the ample onboard memory capacity of 3GB, which is surprisingly generous given that many budget smartphones are lacking in this area. There is a microSD memory card slot should you wish to make the Galaxy Ace Plus even more cavernous when it comes to storage.


Android 2.3 is preinstalled on the Galaxy Ace Plus and Samsung has given this operating system a lick of fresh paint with its own TouchWiz user interface, so you can customise the homescreens with various useful widgets and quickly access the apps which you use most regularly. Given the hardware components of this model it is unlikely that Samsung will upgrade it to run Android 4.0, but for most users this will not really be much of an issue as it already offers more functions that you might normally expect.Smart Phones

Connectivity comes in the form of Wi-Fi and 3G for fast web browsing along with Bluetooth 3.0 for linking the phone to your peripherals and GPS for geotagging photos and other loc   ation-based services.

It is perhaps worth pointing out that while the screen may be of a decent size, measuring in at a little larger than top end models like the iPhone 4S, the resolution may slightly let down the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus because it is going to afford a little less clarity than certain rivals. However, Samsung has its sights set on capturing the attention of the budget conscious user who has been scoping out deals on HTC mobiles like the Wildfire S, by making the Galaxy Ace Plus look more attractive when stacked up against comparable competition.

Amazon has held sway over the eBook Reader market for some time thanks to the popularity of its Kindle devices, now it has entered the tablet market to take on Apple with its Kindle Fire. This is an Android-based tablet which is half the price of the bog standard Wi-Fi only iPad 2 and so from the point of view of affordability it looks like Amazon has won the battle. However, there is much more to the Kindle Fire than its price and an increasingly tech-savvy consumer base will not part with their cash based on costs alone.

Many similarities have been rightly drawn between the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and the BlackBerry Playbook. Both have seven inch touchscreen displays with crisp resolutions. Both have a chunky black bezel surrounding the screen, although the Kindle Fire`s display is actually aligned slightly off-centre when you give it close scrutiny. Both are about 420 grams in weight, although the Amazon offering does pip the BlackBerry to the post in this respect. Dual core 1GHz processors are also found in each. However, with no integrated cameras and a different operating system the Kindle Fire will not feel all that similar to the Playbook once you turn on the power.smartphones

Android 2.3 is the platform which Amazon has chosen to use in tandem with the Kindle Fire. Anyone with an interest in the mobile market will realise that this is actually Google`s smartphone software, rather than being the tablet-specific Android 3.0 that you can find on the likes of the Motorola Xoom. However, Amazon has done so much work to Android 2.3 that it is barely recognisable and thus does not suffer because of its roots on much smaller gadgets.

The interface of the Kindle Fire is mostly built around the idea that it can act as a storefront for various products and services from Amazon. It is easy to browse and download books, games, music and videos direct to the tablet, many of which will require payment of some kind. Since the Android Market is not accessible you can only choose from apps and programs which Amazon approves, although this is not as much of a limiting factor as it might initially seem, particularly when you consider just how cheaply you are getting hold of this high end hardware.

Icons, apps and services are assigned to a carousel which replaces the traditional Android home screen setup on the Kindle Fire. Dragging your way around the carousel feels intuitive and it is filled with content which you have accessed recently and regularly, so it should always be easy to find your favourite function.

With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity the Kindle Fire will let you browse the internet on the Amazon Silk program, although there is no 3G option which might have given users more freedom to travel and surf even if it increased the basic price of the device.

iPhone 5 Hype Continues To Build

As the hype builds around the new iPhone 5 everyone is asking the same questions, what new features will the iPhone 5 have? What will the release date be? How much will it cost across different networks?

The iPhone 5 is sure to be a step up from its predecessor and will demonstrate significant progress since the iPhone’s humble beginnings, who even knew thatthe concept would catch on? Lets be honest the initial phones features were pretty basic and there were much better phones out on the market, but could these carry hundreds of albums on them?Iphone 5

That was the iPhone’s advantage over its competitors, yet now you can buy other smart phones that can hold plenty of music as well, how does Apple continue to dominate the market and stay 1 step ahead of the game.

Great features on the iPhone 4 included Facetime and Airplay that just gave them an edge. Other brands in the past have been stubborn and not innovated their original offer to keep market share, nobody can blame Apple of this.

iPhone’s have evolved with every model and the iPhone 5 wont be any different with speculation around a number of new features including;

  • A larger screen – which could be as large as 4″ on the diagonal
  • Longer battery life – I’d be expecting at least a 40% increase on the iPhone 4
  • Improved camera – I’m pretty confident it will feature an 8 mega pixel camera
  • NFC enabled – meaning you can use your phone to pay for products by just swiping it

There have been various rumours around the release date and my sources lead me to believe it will be around the 21st of October, the chances of there being a delay on this are very slim so I’m pretty confident it will be this date at the latest.

One thing I don’t have any information on yet is what prices we will be looking to pay across the various networks, however I wouldn’t be expecting to pay anything less than you did for your last smart phone.

This phone will be very difficult to compete with so I’d be expecting big things from Apple’s competitors in the coming months. Everybody is looking forward to the launch so they can get some concrete answers on the above and also being one of the first to get their hands on one, I know I’ll be at the front of the queue.

I’ll be doing an iPhone 5 review so be sure to keep your eyes out over the next couple of weeks.

Nokia has been struggling to keep its head above the water in a mobile market which it used to dominate, but the recently launched Lumia 800 is its first viable attempt to extricate itself from the deep end and come back stronger than ever.

Iphone 5

The Lumia 800 is the result of Nokia`s partnership with Microsoft and it runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, the latest iteration of the software giant`s mobile operating system.

Windows Phone has made major progress in the year since its launch and the Mango update includes a variety of essential features such as multitasking for third party applications, deep integration for Twitter and 498 other tweaks and changes that you may not be able to detect but will certainly improve the experience.

To take advantage of this new software the Nokia Lumia 800 has refined, powerful hardware which includes a 1.4GHz single core processor, a 3.7 inch OLED display and an eight megapixel camera with high def video recording available.

Some critics have complained about the fact that it is essentially the same as the Nokia N9 in terms of design and materials, but this is hardly a problem given the high quality finish and solid build that this bestows upon the Lumia 800.

If you buy it new or on a contract you may be able to pick from a number of different colours, which makes a nice change from the uniformity of the black or white versions of the Apple iPhone, which can mean that everyone ends up using a mobile that looks no different to the next.

Onboard storage comes in the form of 16GB of flash memory and because this is a Windows Phone handset there is no microSD memory card slot available, so you will have to synchronise your files or else suffer from a phone that is full to the brim. Of course average users will probably not reach the limits of the Lumia 800`s storage for some time, so this is not an immediate cause for concern.

Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth are all a standard feature of the Lumia 800 and because Microsoft insists on Windows Phone manufacturers meeting minimum system requirements to ensure consistency of performance and function, you can be confident that this is a phone which will feel responsive and behave precisely as you would expect from day one.

Iphone 5

Other benefits of owning a Windows Phone handset include integration for Xbox Live, Microsoft`s gaming service which allows you to connect with friends, earn achievements and download high quality titles from the Windows Marketplace. While this will not be for everyone, it is nice to be able to combine your gaming experience across your smartphone, Xbox 360 console and even your Windows PC.

The Nokia Lumia 800 provides a very different experience to what you might expect if you have previously owned an Android phone. Its interface is minimalistic but oddly appealing and slick under the fingers. It may behave like most other Windows Phone models on the market, but if you want reliability then it is going to be a solid companion.

HTC Rezound Smartphone Review

The great new HTC Rezound was released in November 2011 amidst a while host of other phones making their way onto the market, but despite all these other phones trying to compete for peoples’ attention, the Rezound is making its name known on the market, thanks to its ability to be somewhat different from many other of the models out there.

This is a handset that is beating many other phones, even the iPhone 4 thanks to its larger screen (four inches) and the amount of pixels it can display   at any given time, but that’s enough talk for now. What you need to see is how much better the Rezound is, and for that purpose I have compiled a list of the specifications and the features that HTC thought you might like.

Features And Specifications:

HTC Rezound

Height: Just over 5 inches

Depth: Just over half an inch

Width: 2.5 inches

Weight: 0.170 Kilograms

Operating System: Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) combined with the HTC Sense 3.5

Networks: The HTC Rezound is available on LTE 700 & DMA/EVDO REV.A

Available Network Carrier: Verizon

Memory: 1 GB of RAM & 16GB Of Storage including up to 32 GB of removable storage on an SD card

Cameras: Front-facing 2 mega-pixel camera with a fixed focus and an 8 mega-pixel rear-facing camera with an auto focus feature and a dual LED flash

Connectivity: Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

These are just some of the great features and specifications that you can expect to find on the HTC Rezound.

it’s clear to see even from this limited list that this is a surprisingly good and unique phone. ‘How much is it going to cost?’ I hear you ask well that can depend entirely on where you buy this handset but it is on average about $300 when you sign up to a 2 year contract, or about $650 if you buy it without a contract; if you think these prices are quite high then you could always wait a few months for them to settle down a bit but that will mean putting up with a phone that just is not as good for rezound

One of the major functions of this phone that hasn’t been discussed yet is that it is tailored predominantly towards those who love to listen to music and the ‘Beats Audio’ system lets you hear the beats, rhythms and more a lot clearer than other phones do. You will also find a great pair of headphones in the box your phone arrives in and these aren’t just any old pair of headphones; they are really great quality headphones that HTC have kindly decided to make available to us right away.

What with the headphones, the capacity to store up to 32 GB of date, a sleek minimalistic look and a large screen, the HTC Rezound is guaranteed to be a great addition to your life.

PS. Don’t forget that it’s always cheaper for you to get your phone online from an authorized Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile store. Click on the link below to see how you too can benefit for these amazing online rates and read the latest reviews on this and other similar phones.

HTC Trophy is the first Windows smartphone by Verizon Wireless. The smartphone provides world roaming and has simple compact design. As Windows phone it is user friendly but disappointing thing is that it has poor Camera quality and battery life. The smartphone is not the high end HTC device but it is simple and user friendly. The smartphone comes boxed up with a preinstalled SIM, USB cable, AC Adapter and wired stereo headphones.


htc rezound veriz

The design of the HTC Trophy is based on Candybar Form Factor with dimensions 4.67 height, 2.42 width and 0.47 thickness with weight 139 g. The smartphone is plain, slim, bit glossy and simple. The red back and battery cover also looks good. Trophy has color TFT display with resolution 480×800 pixels and supports 16777216 colors. The capacitive touchscreen has size 3.8 inch and is Multi-touch with Light sensor, Proximity sensor and has scratch resistant glass. The touchscreen is responsive but it does wash away in sunlight.

The virtual keyboard though looks small but it is really user friendly and is much better than Android’s keyboard. Below the display are present three touch buttons for Back, Start and Search. The right spine of the smartphone has a Camera button. The left side has volume controls with microUSB port below. Power button is present at the top of the smartphone with 3.5mm headphone jack. The back of the smartphone has a Camera with LED Flash light and speaker.


The smartphone is running on Windows Phone 7 OS and has 1000 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 576 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. As the Windows smartphone it has integration for Xbox Live and Zune with support for office and is really easy to use.

The smartphone supports SMS, MMS and Email messaging. Organizer of the smartphone has Calendar, Alarms, To-Do Tasks, Document viewer, Converter, Calculator and Notes application. Phonebook capacity depends on the system memory. Trophy has built-in memory of 16384 MB with no option for memory expansion. Internet browsing supports HTML and XHTML with built-in support for Facebook and Twitter services.

Music Player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WAV, M4A, M4B, MP4, AMR and MIDI formats. Video Playback supports MPEG4, WMV, 3GP and 3G3 formats. Trophy has FM radio and also supports video streaming. Camera features include 5 MP resolution with LED Flash Light and supports Auto focus. Video capture is provided with resolution 1280×720 (720p HD) and supports MPEG4 recording video format with continuous auto focus.

Trophy has support for location based services GPS and A-GPS with navigation. Regarding connectivity it has Bluetooth version 2.1, Wi-Fi (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n), microUSB for charging, 3.5mm headphone connector and DLNA. More features include Voice recording, Accelerometer sensor, Compass sensor, TTY/TDD and Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4.


The call quality of the smartphone is alright. The sound and voice is clear with almost no voice and distortion. The quality of the speakerphones is also the same that is clear even at high volumes. Moreover, the 3G speed of Verizon Wireless is pretty good. Camera quality is really poor and is really a disappointment. Pictures taken look bit out of focus, faded and also bit grainy.

The 1GHz Snapdragon processor is responsive and provides smooth navigation through screens and menus. Applications launch without any delay. HTC Trophy is powered by Lithium ion battery with capacity 1300 mAh. Battery provides average Talk time of 5 hours and Stand-by time of 12 days. The battery life is also not very impressive.


HTC Trophy is the good choice for those who want to have the experience for Windows smartphones but it certainly will not appeal everyone. Some features like Zune and X-box integration are pretty good and also its compact design and ease of use.

HTC Droid Incredible 2 Review

HTC DROID Incredible 2

HTC Droid Incredible 2 by Verizon Wireless is the latest smartphone running on Android OS 2.2 Froyo. In comparison, the smartphone is more like HTC Incredible S, the international GSM phone version released in February. The smartphone offers a few nice improvements as compared to its predecessor smartphone HTC Droid Incredible which was released in 2010. Now, the Incredible 2 has large 4 inch capacitive touchscreen. The other major features include rear-facing camera of 8 MP with 720p HD video recording capability, improved browsing experience with support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1. The smartphone offers world roaming and 3G mobile hotspot capability.


The major upgrade in Incredible 2 from Incredible is of design. The design of HTC Droid Incredible 2 is simple and plain but it is tougher, solid and more elegant with aluminum body. The Incredible 2 is 4.75 inches tall, 2.52 inches wide, 0.48 inches thick and has weight 4.77 ounces. The display is capacitive touchscreen super LCD technology with size 4 inches and resolution 480×800. Moreover, the display is mulittouch with Light and Proximity sensors due to which the overall response is really great while scrolling and launching applications.

The left spine of the HTC Droid Incredible 2 has microUSB port with volume control on top. The right side has no controls and ports. The headphone jack is present at the top of the smartphones with a power button. The smartphone has no physical keyboard.

User Interface

HTC DROID Incredible 2

The navigation on the smartphone is powered by HTC Sense which provides faster and smoother navigation and booting with many UI customization options. HTC sense does add nice aesthetics to the Froyo OS with some really cool widgets that include Weather application, Group Contacts, Friend Stream social network and Leap screen navigation system which provides the thumbnails of the home screens. Other preloaded applications include Adobe Reader, City ID, HTC Footprints and NFL Mobiles along with Verizon’s VCast applications.

Moreover, the smartphone has virtual keyboard which is not very fast but the keyboard layout is spacious which is really easy to use. Four shortcuts are present that are Home, Menu, Back and Search at the bottom of the screen below the display. Orientation can be either portrait or landscape and nice thing is the icons also rotate if you rotate the phone and change the orientation.


The main feature of HTC Droid Incredible 2 is its world roaming capability. The smartphone is dual mode and have support for both GSM and CDMA networks. The Incredible 2 has the ability to detect that the CDMA network is no longer available and automatically switch to GSM network. The smartphone comes with preinstalled SIM card that Verizon Wireless unlocks after certain period of time and after confirming that the user is financially strong or stable.

The smartphone has music player and has support for MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, M4A, AMR, OGG and MIDI formats. Video playback feature is really good and videos are played smoothly without any distortion. Supported formats for videos are MPEG 4, H.263, H.264, WMV, 3GP and 3G2. The smartphone has FM radio and also YouTube player.

HTC Droid Incredible 2 has 8 MP rear-facing Camera with Dual LED flash and has Auto focus, Face detection and Geo tagging features. There is also an additional 1.3 MP front-facing Camera. The smartphone has Video Capture feature and provide resolution 1280×720 (720pHD) with video light. In addition, Incredible 2 is Skype phone with video calling ability. The smartphone has speakerphone for video and conference calling and multimedia messaging.


HTC DROID Incredible 2

Regarding connectivity, the device has Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n), microUSB port for USB charging and connecting mass storage device, and 3.5 mm Headphone connector. The smartphone can be used as the WiFi hotspot for 5 devices. The Incredible 2 has 3G support which is bit disappointing when there are Android smartphones out there with latest OS 2.3 Gingerbread running and has 4G support. Moreover, the device has support for Location based services of type GPS, A-GPS and E911 with navigation.

Phonebook capacity depends on the memory available and users can assign Ring ID and Picture ID to the contacts, can search the contacts by either first or last name, can create caller groups and can assign multiple numbers per contact. The Organizer applications include Calendar, Alarms, Document Viewer, Notes, Calculator and Stopwatch.


Call quality of the HTC Droid IHTC DROID Incredible 2ncredible 2 is really fine. Users will not experience any voice distortion and noise because the smartphone supports the noise cancellation technology. Overall the audio and video quality of the smartphone is pretty decent.

The Incredible 2 is running on 1000 MHz Qualcomm MSM8655 Snapdragon processor with 768 MB RAM. Though the smartphone does not have dual core processor but application launching speed and navigation speed through menus and screens is really smooth and quick. The battery capacity is 1450mAh with 6.5 hours talk time and 15 days of stand-by time.


At the end, HTC Droid Incredible 2 has no doubt had good enhancements and upgrades. The major upgrade is its dual mode capability that is support for both GSM and CDMA networks. However, the users who are more excited about the new Gingerbread OS or want to have 4G network support should check out other Android smartphones like HTC Thunderbolt.

Things to consider in a mobile phone to avoid visiting a repair shop in Kenya

Hope you have noticed a growing trend of Kenyan mobile phones coming with all features of late. Cell phones users in Kenya have lacked a chance to ask themselves about which features matter most than the other in a mobile phone. At one point in time, one of use has bought a cell phone with features that maybe you didn’t like due to one reason or another. However much we visit the web for different mobile phones reviews, we still get what doesn’t fit our lifestyles.  We want to stop this once and for all. That being said, I want us to look at 5 things that we need to consider when buying a smartphone din Kenya today. Next time when reading different reviews on the web, kindly refer to these 5 things to get the right mobile phone that will ease your purchase errands.

  • Operating system

Mobile OS

One vital thing we consider on a mobile phone in Kenya is the type of OS that comes with it. What is the operating system on that smartphone? They vary from windows mobile, Apple’s OS, or Symbian OS platform. How it looks and how it feel smatters a lot in any phone in Kenya. Also, ask yourself if you that person that loves to download that app in every app store. Most of these operating systems are affected by the number of applications you install; it depends on with the workload awaiting. The way your mobile phone will feel and look it all depends on the OS that you will install. If you make your smartphone bite, more than it can chew, then your cell phone may crash, and you will have yourself to blame.

  • Form Factor

Cell phones in Kenya come in three different form namely Flip, Bar, and Slider. It’s upon you to decide which one compliments your style in the better way. Many Kenyans prefer the bar type which at times can make you press the wrong key and find yourself calling your number one enemy. In such a situation, you need to set your mobile phone into the auto keypad lock which is one important thing to do to avoid things that would ruin your reputation. One good thing about them is the fact that they hide the keypad from being exposed.

Form Factor

Number two you should choose which size fits you best. Flip and slider type are usually smaller than the bar mobile phones, and they can be pocketed easily. If you are the kind of person that loves tight jeans and trousers, then you can go for the small sizes. This will help you not to make unnecessary keypad pressing when pulling out your phone.

  • Connectivity

wifi connections

This is also a noble thing to look in a phone. The kind of connectivity that comes with your cell phone is paramount. Ask yourself if it’s 2G, 3G, 4G or just Wi-Fi. Remember this depends on with the quantity of data plans you will be using. Given the fact that most smartphones in Kenya have 3G network, then that means that many people like using this data plan. If you think it is going to cost you a lot of cash, then decide to use Wi-Fi if you have a provision for it. Remember if you go for Wi-Fi, you will need to look for its hotspots to access the internet always. Wi-Fi hotspot is always good for communication channels like Skype.

  • Applications


Before looting that money from your pocket, I advise you to research on the web the best applications that fit the kind of a smartphone you are using.  Applications are both from the manufacturer and the third party applications. Weigh the quality and quantity of these available applications. Mobile phones users in Kenya have different priorities since you may be looking for a game application while another person is looking for financial applications. In a nutshell, what am trying to say is that you should stick to that phone that suits your applications preference.

  • Screen Attributes

Last but not least, make sure you think of the type of the screen that you would like on your cell phone. Kenyans are known to be a heavy texter all through. So maybe you would consider a mobile phone with non-touchscreen. A keypad mobile iPhone is good for people who like texting all day. Touchscreen is good for people who have a problem with spelling since they can set the handwriting recognition. But if you are not that person that likes typing minutes in a meeting, then go an average phone with a small, screen.

What mostly matter on a screen is how it performs under shiny day. If you take more hours outdoors, make sure you pick a phone that can favor the direct sunlight that is above the sky. This point you may not see it in any mobile phone review in Kenya so note it down somewhere.

Next time you in town deciding on which mobile phone in Kenya you wish to buy. Please put in mind the above 5 points. They will play a significant role in helping you decide the best cell phone to buy at that particular time. When young put the above points somewhere, trust me that next time you won’t fell ripped off. Talking of being ripped off, I mean finding yourself always at the repair shop trying to solve few damages on your smartphone that just came due to your ignorance. Below I want to talk about why most people visit the phone repair shops in Kenya today.

Why people visit the mobile repair shops in Kenya

As an essential thing in our lives, mobile phones at times breaks down, and we are forced to visit a repair shop. Maybe it’s because you never followed well the advice above. The kind of duties your cell phone is performing is unacceptable, or it’s not in line with what you wanted at fist. Listed below is some of the reasons that force one to visit the repair shop.

  • Buttons that don’t work

So you went and bought a QWERTY mobile phone in Kenya? After few days, some keypads cannot work properly. Even touchscreens have similar problems at times. This is usually due to negligence or unexpected falls forcing your phone to get damaged on the way. You will find yourself moving from one repair shop to the other in a search for help. However, you will still get sorted out at the end of the day. Your keypads will be replaced or screens replaced.

  • Battery and charger problems

Most Kenyan mobile phone users use the gadget to make calls and surf the internet. Such heavy usage usually damages the batteries in the long run. Additionally theses cell phone at times develops problems with the chargers. This forces these people to visit the repair shops since the battery was not much a priority when they were buying the phone. Since self-fixing this is suicidal, it’s obvious the phone repair expert will be needed.

  • Broken screens

Most cell phones in Kenya now are all equipped with big touchscreens. These screens usually fall off gets scratches in your pocket and demands for a replacement immediately. This calls for help from the repair shops win Kenya. Luckily, these repair shops are in a position to fix your phone in minutes as you wait.

  • Viruses

Due to your heavy mobile phone usage, viruses may get into your files and becomes a big threat to your smartphone. Your personal information may be corrupted due to you negligence. Visiting a repair shop will help you save your data in minutes. As said earlier on, doing thorough research is very important so as to save you’re from all these menaces. Mobile phone technicians can get rid of these viruses and give you back a clean phone. Avoid application errors in your phone to use it effectively.

  • Dead Phone

Is your phone completely dead? Then worry no more, smartphone technicians in these repair phones can help you raise your phone from the dead. A mobile phone in Kenya may be announced dead from viruses or a body damage. Dead phones can be fixed in hours or day since it depends on with the level at which your mobile phone has been damaged. You will be required to dig deep from your pockets, but still your services will be worth the cash.


It is because of this that I lined up all the above factors just to show you that, good research before buying a mobile phone in Kenya can in fact save you a lot of cash. Next time you are going out to buy a smartphone remember these important points so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Think of the vital things to consider on a phone as well as the kind of phone damages that takes people to the phone repair shops. Note them down somewhere!


HP Veer 4G Reviewed

HP Veer 4G is an adorable sweet little smartphone that is going to be released on April 15 by AT&T. The smartphone is running on WebOS and has full capabilities of multitasking and of universal search. Previously, in Feb, HP has released the three WebOS devices in three different sizes that are small, medium and large. Well the smartphones are getting bigger these days wit  h large displays but this small cute designed smartphone is also bit appealing. Now, apart from the cuteness the so compact size of the smartphone will surely get in the way of usability. The small screen makes the user experience bit difficult by making the simpler tasks harder to perform quickly and efficiently.


hp veer

The design of the HP Veer 4G is adorable. One can easily fell in love with the device at the first sight because of its pebble like beautiful small design. The smartphone is 3.31 inches tall, 2.15 inches wide, 0.59 inches thick and has weight 3.63 ounces. The smartphone is about the size of a credit card that has good hold in hand and can easily be slip into the pocket. However, such compact size does hinder the usability.

The display is 2.6 inch touchscreen with resolution 320×400 pixels. Though the display is not very bright but it is clear. Text is readable and icons are easily identified. You may have slight difficulty while viewing the maps and web pages but they can be zoomed. The real problem is a lot of scrolling is required for the enlarged maps, long emails and for zoomed websites.

HP Veer 4G has a QWERTY keyboard that slide out from the bottom of the smartphone smoothly. It is good that the smartphone has physical keyboard because entering the text in such a small screen will be very difficult. The keyboard is not very spacious again because of the super small size of the smartphone. The small round buttons do need a little a practice to type quickly.

hp veer 4gMoreover, there is no microUSB port for charging or a headphone jack. However, there is a small magnetic connector that comes with the smartphone with which you can attach charging cable or headphones. The idea of magnetic connector is good but the whole accessory is so small that it can easily be lost and you have to keep the special cable with you all the time.


The left spine of the smartphone has the volume control keys at the top to switch of the ringer. The power button is present at the top of the smartphone.



HP Veer 4G is running on WebOS 2.1.2 with Calendar, Email and Contact management applications. The smartphone has the Just Type and Stacks features that were introduced in WebOS 2.0. Both Just Type and Stack are the amazing features. More features include quick dial, SMS, MMS, airplane mode, speakerphone and conference calling.
Regarding connectivity, as the name of the smartphone suggests it has support for 4G. Moreover, it has support for Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi. With 4G the smartphone offers 14.4 Mbps download speed and 5.7 Mbps upload.

HP Veer 4G offers number of preloaded application that include a PDF viewer, alarm clock, memo pad, task list and Quickoffice. In addition, AT&T has also added some applications that include YPmobile and AT&T Navigator.

The internal memory of the smartphone is 8GB and user can have 6GB of it. External memory is not supported. The smartphone has 5 MP Camera with video recording and no flashlight and the OS have no support for picture editing.


HTC Veer 4G has 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7230 processor. Other devices with the same processor have no performance issues but Veer 4G is bit unresponsive at times and mostly it occurs when there are multiple applications running. Speakerphone and audio quality is fine. Audio quality does blown away at higher volumes.

Moreover, the 4G network speed is not what is mentioned. On average, it will give you 1.4 Mbps download speed and 0.29 Mbps upload speed which is bit disappointing. The smartphone is powered by 910 mAh lithium battery that provides talk time of 5 hours and stand by time of 12.5 hours.hp veer 4g


With all the above features and specifications the HTC Veer 4G has a decent and reasonable price. Users who want light and compact smartphones will definitely like it. But still that much small sized smartphone is inconvenient to use.

How to Buy a Cheap Android Smartphone

Android smartphon  es, once considered to be the prerogative of only the wealthy, can now be spotted even in the hands of the commoner. They are attractively priced and offer all features that many expensive handsets offer. Most carriers and service providers have come up with cheap Android handsets to get a share pie of the ever-increasing smartphone market.

A prospective buyer is often at a loss when he wants to buy an Android smartphone because almost all major vendors claim their offer to be the best of the lot. Each vendor seems to offer the finest deal and often goes that extra mile to woo the customer. If you are one of those looking to buy a cheap Android smartphone, below are some of the options that you have.

Android smartphone deals

A good way to save on an Android handset is to purchase them during their promotional offer. You are likely to get a great deal. If you’re a new customer then in all probability you’re likely to stick to the two-year contract that the service provider offers. Besides, you’re likely to extend the contract after expiry. However, for many of the so-called cheap Android phones, the service provider is increasing the monthly charge because of high internet usage. However, never expect your cheap 4G smartphone to deliver high-speed connectivity, even if you’re within a good coverage area.

Unlocked Android phonesnokia x

This is another way to save money on an Android smartphone. Instead of buying a new Android smartphone, you can go for an unlocked phone where the software that locks the SIM to a particular manufacturer, is deleted. You can simply remove the SIM from the old handset and insert it into your unlocked Android smartphone. Such phones, originally, are expensive as they’re covered under warranty. They are often refurbished and are available directly from the manufacturer. Buying an unlocked Android handset can save lots of money.

Prepaid smartphone deals

A great way to buy a cheap Android handset is to buy one which comes with a prepaid plan. Prepaid Android smartphones may not be cheaper when you consider the price of the handset but can make you save several hundreds each year by subscribing to the cheap unlimited data plans. A flat data usage fee each month would be definitely cheaper when compared to the post-paid plans that usually levy a tax, besides the hefty usage charges. Most operators charge a high amount, plus tax, for a 2-year contract on a smartphone. But several companies, having sensed the propensity of users to go for prepaid plans as that helps to keep a check on the monthly expenses, have come up with attractive prepaid deals. Make sure you check them out ahead of buying a cheap Android smartphone. Moreover, you can discontinue the plan whenever you wish without any termination charge.

So, while a cheap Android phone may not come cheap in that sense, you can certainly save enough money by scouring for suitable promotions and offers. In this way you can buy your dream smartphone.

Android smartphones, in the market these days, are mostly priced in the $200-$400 range, especially the ones that make the hottest whistles and bells. Even on promotion, for a first time subscriber, the Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint is priced at $199 and the high-end HTC smartphones even higher. However, a huge variety of cheap smartphones running the Android OS, are available with all major carriers.

Below are some options to bag a cheap smartphone.

Android smartphone deals

A good way to save on android phones is to buy them on promotion. You’re likely to find great deals if you happen to be a new customer as you’re more likely to stick to a two-year contract, which again is most likely to roll over upon expiry. Moreover, of many so-called cheap android smartphones, the operator is increasing the monthly charges because of high data usage. Even with that, never expect a 4G cheap android smartphone to deliver high speeds, regardless of the area.

Unlocked android phones

How to Buy a Cheap Android Smartphone

Another method of saving money is buying unlocked android phones, instead of new ones. The deal involved in an unlocked smartphone is that the software which locks the SIM card to a particular manufacturer is removed. You can simply take out the SIM card from the old handset and insert it into the unlocked android phone. An unlocked android phone could be either cheap or expensive, if they’re under the warranty. They usually do not come with one. They could be refurbished or come directly from the manufacturer. It’s best to go around the market and search for the best unlocked smartphone deals.

Prepaid android phones

A great way to get a cheap android smartphone deal is to buy one with a prepaid plan. A prepaid android smartphone may not be cheaper as regards the cost of the phone. However, you can end up saving several hundreds each year if you opt for cheaper unlimited data plans. At a flat fee of about $50 or so each month, which is definitely much less when compared to the $79 or the $99 plus tax scheme that most operators would charge you for a two-year contract. Several companies, including many reputed ones, are now offering prepaid android phones, many of which come equipped with sophisticated features. Make sure you check them out if you’re looking for cheap android smartphones. Besides, under such a scheme, you can scrap the contract any time sans any need to pay a hefty termination fee that most operators charge.

While a cheap android smartphone may sound impossible to get, the truth is, you have to scour for suitable offers and promotions. Only then you can buy cheap android smartphones.