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HP Veer 4G Reviewed

HP Veer 4G is an adorable sweet little smartphone that is going to be released on April 15 by AT&T. The smartphone is running on WebOS and has full capabilities of multitasking and of universal search. Previously, in Feb, HP has released the three WebOS devices in three different sizes that are small, medium and large. Well the smartphones are getting bigger these days wit  h large displays but this small cute designed smartphone is also bit appealing. Now, apart from the cuteness the so compact size of the smartphone will surely get in the way of usability. The small screen makes the user experience bit difficult by making the simpler tasks harder to perform quickly and efficiently.


hp veer

The design of the HP Veer 4G is adorable. One can easily fell in love with the device at the first sight because of its pebble like beautiful small design. The smartphone is 3.31 inches tall, 2.15 inches wide, 0.59 inches thick and has weight 3.63 ounces. The smartphone is about the size of a credit card that has good hold in hand and can easily be slip into the pocket. However, such compact size does hinder the usability.

The display is 2.6 inch touchscreen with resolution 320×400 pixels. Though the display is not very bright but it is clear. Text is readable and icons are easily identified. You may have slight difficulty while viewing the maps and web pages but they can be zoomed. The real problem is a lot of scrolling is required for the enlarged maps, long emails and for zoomed websites.

HP Veer 4G has a QWERTY keyboard that slide out from the bottom of the smartphone smoothly. It is good that the smartphone has physical keyboard because entering the text in such a small screen will be very difficult. The keyboard is not very spacious again because of the super small size of the smartphone. The small round buttons do need a little a practice to type quickly.

hp veer 4gMoreover, there is no microUSB port for charging or a headphone jack. However, there is a small magnetic connector that comes with the smartphone with which you can attach charging cable or headphones. The idea of magnetic connector is good but the whole accessory is so small that it can easily be lost and you have to keep the special cable with you all the time.


The left spine of the smartphone has the volume control keys at the top to switch of the ringer. The power button is present at the top of the smartphone.



HP Veer 4G is running on WebOS 2.1.2 with Calendar, Email and Contact management applications. The smartphone has the Just Type and Stacks features that were introduced in WebOS 2.0. Both Just Type and Stack are the amazing features. More features include quick dial, SMS, MMS, airplane mode, speakerphone and conference calling.
Regarding connectivity, as the name of the smartphone suggests it has support for 4G. Moreover, it has support for Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi. With 4G the smartphone offers 14.4 Mbps download speed and 5.7 Mbps upload.

HP Veer 4G offers number of preloaded application that include a PDF viewer, alarm clock, memo pad, task list and Quickoffice. In addition, AT&T has also added some applications that include YPmobile and AT&T Navigator.

The internal memory of the smartphone is 8GB and user can have 6GB of it. External memory is not supported. The smartphone has 5 MP Camera with video recording and no flashlight and the OS have no support for picture editing.


HTC Veer 4G has 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7230 processor. Other devices with the same processor have no performance issues but Veer 4G is bit unresponsive at times and mostly it occurs when there are multiple applications running. Speakerphone and audio quality is fine. Audio quality does blown away at higher volumes.

Moreover, the 4G network speed is not what is mentioned. On average, it will give you 1.4 Mbps download speed and 0.29 Mbps upload speed which is bit disappointing. The smartphone is powered by 910 mAh lithium battery that provides talk time of 5 hours and stand by time of 12.5 hours.hp veer 4g


With all the above features and specifications the HTC Veer 4G has a decent and reasonable price. Users who want light and compact smartphones will definitely like it. But still that much small sized smartphone is inconvenient to use.