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iPhone 5 Hype Continues To Build

As the hype builds around the new iPhone 5 everyone is asking the same questions, what new features will the iPhone 5 have? What will the release date be? How much will it cost across different networks?

The iPhone 5 is sure to be a step up from its predecessor and will demonstrate significant progress since the iPhone’s humble beginnings, who even knew thatthe concept would catch on? Lets be honest the initial phones features were pretty basic and there were much better phones out on the market, but could these carry hundreds of albums on them?Iphone 5

That was the iPhone’s advantage over its competitors, yet now you can buy other smart phones that can hold plenty of music as well, how does Apple continue to dominate the market and stay 1 step ahead of the game.

Great features on the iPhone 4 included Facetime and Airplay that just gave them an edge. Other brands in the past have been stubborn and not innovated their original offer to keep market share, nobody can blame Apple of this.

iPhone’s have evolved with every model and the iPhone 5 wont be any different with speculation around a number of new features including;

  • A larger screen – which could be as large as 4″ on the diagonal
  • Longer battery life – I’d be expecting at least a 40% increase on the iPhone 4
  • Improved camera – I’m pretty confident it will feature an 8 mega pixel camera
  • NFC enabled – meaning you can use your phone to pay for products by just swiping it

There have been various rumours around the release date and my sources lead me to believe it will be around the 21st of October, the chances of there being a delay on this are very slim so I’m pretty confident it will be this date at the latest.

One thing I don’t have any information on yet is what prices we will be looking to pay across the various networks, however I wouldn’t be expecting to pay anything less than you did for your last smart phone.

This phone will be very difficult to compete with so I’d be expecting big things from Apple’s competitors in the coming months. Everybody is looking forward to the launch so they can get some concrete answers on the above and also being one of the first to get their hands on one, I know I’ll be at the front of the queue.

I’ll be doing an iPhone 5 review so be sure to keep your eyes out over the next couple of weeks.

Nokia has been struggling to keep its head above the water in a mobile market which it used to dominate, but the recently launched Lumia 800 is its first viable attempt to extricate itself from the deep end and come back stronger than ever.

Iphone 5

The Lumia 800 is the result of Nokia`s partnership with Microsoft and it runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, the latest iteration of the software giant`s mobile operating system.

Windows Phone has made major progress in the year since its launch and the Mango update includes a variety of essential features such as multitasking for third party applications, deep integration for Twitter and 498 other tweaks and changes that you may not be able to detect but will certainly improve the experience.

To take advantage of this new software the Nokia Lumia 800 has refined, powerful hardware which includes a 1.4GHz single core processor, a 3.7 inch OLED display and an eight megapixel camera with high def video recording available.

Some critics have complained about the fact that it is essentially the same as the Nokia N9 in terms of design and materials, but this is hardly a problem given the high quality finish and solid build that this bestows upon the Lumia 800.

If you buy it new or on a contract you may be able to pick from a number of different colours, which makes a nice change from the uniformity of the black or white versions of the Apple iPhone, which can mean that everyone ends up using a mobile that looks no different to the next.

Onboard storage comes in the form of 16GB of flash memory and because this is a Windows Phone handset there is no microSD memory card slot available, so you will have to synchronise your files or else suffer from a phone that is full to the brim. Of course average users will probably not reach the limits of the Lumia 800`s storage for some time, so this is not an immediate cause for concern.

Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth are all a standard feature of the Lumia 800 and because Microsoft insists on Windows Phone manufacturers meeting minimum system requirements to ensure consistency of performance and function, you can be confident that this is a phone which will feel responsive and behave precisely as you would expect from day one.

Iphone 5

Other benefits of owning a Windows Phone handset include integration for Xbox Live, Microsoft`s gaming service which allows you to connect with friends, earn achievements and download high quality titles from the Windows Marketplace. While this will not be for everyone, it is nice to be able to combine your gaming experience across your smartphone, Xbox 360 console and even your Windows PC.

The Nokia Lumia 800 provides a very different experience to what you might expect if you have previously owned an Android phone. Its interface is minimalistic but oddly appealing and slick under the fingers. It may behave like most other Windows Phone models on the market, but if you want reliability then it is going to be a solid companion.