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Black Friday 2016: will it be Kilimall or Jumia?

Jumia Black Friday is one of the most awaited days in Kenya; the only question that lingers in our minds is whether we are going to be shopping from Kilimall or Jumia. Both happen to be the e-commerce giants in Kenya. The competition between Kilimall and Jumia is so intense that it is felt across social media platforms. Anyway, this is what is expected when two parties are trying to get and retain the first position in the market.  I have to agree that both Jumia and Kilimall are the best e-commerce sites in Kenya and they have been doing a good job in the past few years.

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These two companies have revolutionized how shopping is done in the country. Online shopping was nonexistent five years ago, flash forward to the current date, and it is now the in thing at the moment. Almost half of the young population has interacted with online platforms while purchasing items. There is no need of going to a physical store to get a phone whereas you can get the same phone delivered right at your doors step. The deals on online stores are by far much better than anything that you can get with physical stores. This is why Jumia and Kilimall have been on each other for the last two years as the two want to control a large share of the market. Let us shift our focus to black Friday which is probably going to be on one of the biggest battles that Jumia and Kilimall will have to engage in. The good thing is that the customer is going to be the main beneficiary of the products that are going to be on offer. There are a few things that you ought to know even before we get to the much anticipated 2016 black Friday.

What you need to know about Black Friday


  1.    Both Jumia and Kilimall want to have the best deals on that day. Black Friday is focused on giving the customer the best but is not much focused on making revenue for the company. This is a day that customers anticipate for the best deals and special offers on items that are expensive on a normal day. This tells you that Black Friday will not benefit either Jumia or Kilimall but the customer is the one that is going to have the winning end on this one.
  2.    Jumia wants to make as many orders as possible on that day while Kilimall also intends to make as many orders on the given day. The promotions that you will be getting on that day will be crazy since both online stores are trying to outdo each other. This is where you do your calculations the best way possible so as to benefit from what Jumia and Kilimall will be offering.
  3.    Sooner or later, both Jumia and Kilimall will fill all the social media sites in Kenya with ads concerning Black Friday, most probably they will have indicated the percentage discounts that they will be giving out on different items such as electronics. You should be smart enough to follow these adverts to know what you may need to have on that day and to have enough money to get it. The ads are just a way of keeping customers glued to either companies and to prompt them to made orders.
  4.    Finally, Kilimall thinks that it will out do Jumia and Jumia also thinks that it will out do Kilimall. Funny, isn’t it? I think it’s the customers who will determine the online company that takes the price home.

The above is an indication that it is not only the clients who are anticipating for Black Friday in 2016 but also the e-commerce sites involved. Just like gambling, only the smart ones takes the price home. The case is not going to be different on Black Friday; it is only the smart customer that will benefit more from this day. This is because everyone is faced with two major decisions that they have to make, where to shop on Black Friday, whether it is Kilimall or Jumia. This might sound crazy, but I think it is possible for someone to benefit from what these two companies have to offer.

Deals to look out for on Black Friday in both Jumia and Kilimall


Electronics – call me crazy, but I know this is one of the offers that almost every Kenyan will be looking out for. You see, electronics cut across the board, everyone needs an electronic gadget that makes life simpler and better for them. This is probably the reason as to why both Jumia and Kilimall get a lot of revenue from this category. If there is a particular thing that you have been eyeing, then don’t worry, you can wait for the few days remaining to Black Friday and make your order.

Fashion – I know every woman that has ever shopped online is waiting for Black Friday like nobody’s business. If you would like to have something trendy at crazy prices, hold your horses, Black Friday 2016 is almost here with us and Jumia and Kilimall will be having crazy discounts that you cannot afford to miss. It is thus important to be on the watch out to see what you like and what you may want to have in your closet before the year comes to an end. Most smart women capitalize on this day to make sure that they don’t miss out on anything.

Home and living – this category mainly deals with kitchen items and anything else that you may want in your home. People who love decors in their homes can also be on the lookout on some of the deals that will be going down on Black Friday. On this day, you can shop for things that will give your home an extreme makeover that will make everyone fall in love with what you have. You better start preparing a list of what you don’t have so that it will be much easier shopping for the specific products that you need on that day.



If you have not yet realized how big Black Friday is, let me break it down to you. One of the mot anticipated days in Kenya is Christmas, on this day everyone is merry, and life is just good. The day happens to be a break for everyone that has been working for the whole year, and it is the best time to relax your mind. Black Friday is like a holiday to shoppers. We know very well that there are people who are shopping freaks and they will spend so much money on different items that they would want to have. On Black Friday, the price of most items is significantly reduced in a way such that the offers that are there are just crazy. The best part is that electronic deals will simply blow your mind off. There are numerous coupons giveaways that customers can redeem to get products of their choice. People literary trample on each other in other countries trying to get into the stores that have the special offers. That is how big Black Friday is.