Things to consider in a mobile phone to avoid visiting a repair shop in Kenya

Hope you have noticed a growing trend of Kenyan mobile phones coming with all features of late. Cell phones users in Kenya have lacked a chance to ask themselves about which features matter most than the other in a mobile phone. At one point in time, one of use has bought a cell phone with features that maybe you didn’t like due to one reason or another. However much we visit the web for different mobile phones reviews, we still get what doesn’t fit our lifestyles.  We want to stop this once and for all. That being said, I want us to look at 5 things that we need to consider when buying a smartphone din Kenya today. Next time when reading different reviews on the web, kindly refer to these 5 things to get the right mobile phone that will ease your purchase errands.

  • Operating system

Mobile OS

One vital thing we consider on a mobile phone in Kenya is the type of OS that comes with it. What is the operating system on that smartphone? They vary from windows mobile, Apple’s OS, or Symbian OS platform. How it looks and how it feel smatters a lot in any phone in Kenya. Also, ask yourself if you that person that loves to download that app in every app store. Most of these operating systems are affected by the number of applications you install; it depends on with the workload awaiting. The way your mobile phone will feel and look it all depends on the OS that you will install. If you make your smartphone bite, more than it can chew, then your cell phone may crash, and you will have yourself to blame.

  • Form Factor

Cell phones in Kenya come in three different form namely Flip, Bar, and Slider. It’s upon you to decide which one compliments your style in the better way. Many Kenyans prefer the bar type which at times can make you press the wrong key and find yourself calling your number one enemy. In such a situation, you need to set your mobile phone into the auto keypad lock which is one important thing to do to avoid things that would ruin your reputation. One good thing about them is the fact that they hide the keypad from being exposed.

Form Factor

Number two you should choose which size fits you best. Flip and slider type are usually smaller than the bar mobile phones, and they can be pocketed easily. If you are the kind of person that loves tight jeans and trousers, then you can go for the small sizes. This will help you not to make unnecessary keypad pressing when pulling out your phone.

  • Connectivity

wifi connections

This is also a noble thing to look in a phone. The kind of connectivity that comes with your cell phone is paramount. Ask yourself if it’s 2G, 3G, 4G or just Wi-Fi. Remember this depends on with the quantity of data plans you will be using. Given the fact that most smartphones in Kenya have 3G network, then that means that many people like using this data plan. If you think it is going to cost you a lot of cash, then decide to use Wi-Fi if you have a provision for it. Remember if you go for Wi-Fi, you will need to look for its hotspots to access the internet always. Wi-Fi hotspot is always good for communication channels like Skype.

  • Applications


Before looting that money from your pocket, I advise you to research on the web the best applications that fit the kind of a smartphone you are using.  Applications are both from the manufacturer and the third party applications. Weigh the quality and quantity of these available applications. Mobile phones users in Kenya have different priorities since you may be looking for a game application while another person is looking for financial applications. In a nutshell, what am trying to say is that you should stick to that phone that suits your applications preference.

  • Screen Attributes

Last but not least, make sure you think of the type of the screen that you would like on your cell phone. Kenyans are known to be a heavy texter all through. So maybe you would consider a mobile phone with non-touchscreen. A keypad mobile iPhone is good for people who like texting all day. Touchscreen is good for people who have a problem with spelling since they can set the handwriting recognition. But if you are not that person that likes typing minutes in a meeting, then go an average phone with a small, screen.

What mostly matter on a screen is how it performs under shiny day. If you take more hours outdoors, make sure you pick a phone that can favor the direct sunlight that is above the sky. This point you may not see it in any mobile phone review in Kenya so note it down somewhere.

Next time you in town deciding on which mobile phone in Kenya you wish to buy. Please put in mind the above 5 points. They will play a significant role in helping you decide the best cell phone to buy at that particular time. When young put the above points somewhere, trust me that next time you won’t fell ripped off. Talking of being ripped off, I mean finding yourself always at the repair shop trying to solve few damages on your smartphone that just came due to your ignorance. Below I want to talk about why most people visit the phone repair shops in Kenya today.

Why people visit the mobile repair shops in Kenya

As an essential thing in our lives, mobile phones at times breaks down, and we are forced to visit a repair shop. Maybe it’s because you never followed well the advice above. The kind of duties your cell phone is performing is unacceptable, or it’s not in line with what you wanted at fist. Listed below is some of the reasons that force one to visit the repair shop.

  • Buttons that don’t work

So you went and bought a QWERTY mobile phone in Kenya? After few days, some keypads cannot work properly. Even touchscreens have similar problems at times. This is usually due to negligence or unexpected falls forcing your phone to get damaged on the way. You will find yourself moving from one repair shop to the other in a search for help. However, you will still get sorted out at the end of the day. Your keypads will be replaced or screens replaced.

  • Battery and charger problems

Most Kenyan mobile phone users use the gadget to make calls and surf the internet. Such heavy usage usually damages the batteries in the long run. Additionally theses cell phone at times develops problems with the chargers. This forces these people to visit the repair shops since the battery was not much a priority when they were buying the phone. Since self-fixing this is suicidal, it’s obvious the phone repair expert will be needed.

  • Broken screens

Most cell phones in Kenya now are all equipped with big touchscreens. These screens usually fall off gets scratches in your pocket and demands for a replacement immediately. This calls for help from the repair shops win Kenya. Luckily, these repair shops are in a position to fix your phone in minutes as you wait.

  • Viruses

Due to your heavy mobile phone usage, viruses may get into your files and becomes a big threat to your smartphone. Your personal information may be corrupted due to you negligence. Visiting a repair shop will help you save your data in minutes. As said earlier on, doing thorough research is very important so as to save you’re from all these menaces. Mobile phone technicians can get rid of these viruses and give you back a clean phone. Avoid application errors in your phone to use it effectively.

  • Dead Phone

Is your phone completely dead? Then worry no more, smartphone technicians in these repair phones can help you raise your phone from the dead. A mobile phone in Kenya may be announced dead from viruses or a body damage. Dead phones can be fixed in hours or day since it depends on with the level at which your mobile phone has been damaged. You will be required to dig deep from your pockets, but still your services will be worth the cash.


It is because of this that I lined up all the above factors just to show you that, good research before buying a mobile phone in Kenya can in fact save you a lot of cash. Next time you are going out to buy a smartphone remember these important points so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Think of the vital things to consider on a phone as well as the kind of phone damages that takes people to the phone repair shops. Note them down somewhere!


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